The Poker Digest - Part I

Game Theory In Poker

by amcoops245

February 13th, 2008


In poker, there rarely are any pure strategies; almost all equilibriums are composed of mixed strategies. The question that must be asked is: how do you strategically play a hand with so little information? If poker was a game of perfect information, it would be very bland. For instance, if you knew exactly what cards would be dealt, and more importantly, what every other player was holding, nobody would ever play a hand. There are several solutions to dealing with the imperfect information. The first and most obvious answer is bet when you have a good hand and fold when you don’t. However, even bad hands sometimes can strike it big if the right cards come on the board.


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Poker Game Theory
– 4 Ways Poker Game Theory Can Improve Your Play

by Staff at


Game theory is a branch of applied math which looks at competitive situations where 2 or more people have conflicting interests. This has been applied to global politics, economics and of course to poker. David Sklansky covered poker game theory in his seminal work ‘The Theory of Poker’ and Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson made this famous by using poker game theory rather than experience to achieve his phenomenal success.


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Poker Game Theory

by Scott Franks

January 13, 2010


Poker game theory says a player can mathematically determine a likely outcome as his strategies intersect with those of a thinking opponent. Poker theorists consider available data to decide if a particular strategy would be profitable over the long-term.


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Game Theory and Poker: An Introduction

Applying Game Theory in Poker

by Matt Matros

September 20, 2005


For those who don't know, game theory is a branch of mathematics that deals with decision-making in situations in which two or more players have competing interests. In a poker game, everyone at the table is competing for everyone else's chips, so I'd say the players have competing interests.


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Game Theory and Poker

Jason Swanson

April 3, 2005

An extremely simplified version of poker is completely solved from a game theoretic standpoint. The actual properties of the optimal solution are then compared to various common notions about game theory and bluffing in poker. No specialized mathematical knowledge is needed to understand this material.


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